Saturday, June 24, 2006

Concerned People for Animals is an organization that my DW and I work with to reduce animal suffering and the unwanted pet population.

Today we were at the 20th annual Seabee Days celebration. I worked for the Seabees for the last few years. Today I saw a number of former coworkers and if felt good to be on base again remembering how we help to make sure our Navy Seabees have the equipment to do their jobs around the world.

Concerned People for Animals goes to various events in the Ventura County area as an educational outreach and to raise funds by selling engraved pet tags, GI tags, ID bracelets, and license plate frames. We engrave while you wait, every one likes to get their tags right away for the low mail order price.

If you would like any of these items our website,, gives information on how to order. Concerned People for Animals is an all volunteer organization - we have no paid employees, maximizing the funds going to animal welfare.

At an event this large we get a lot of orders and we are constantly busy all day, working outdoors. It feels good to be tired after such a productive day.

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