Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No it isn't a Navel Orange

Sometimes when you are looking for a navel you find something on the other side and a bit lower.    ;-)

In the bag of oranges we found a rare Butt Orange. Now if we could find a little set of boxers and pants to wear low.   :-D

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Friday, November 11, 2011


When called, they came.

It has been paid for by every veteran, from the first Minuteman to the latest enlistee.

Yes, they all are already there. When you wake up in the greatest country in the world. When you have the freedom to protest your own government. When you have the freedom to burn The Flag.

You also have the freedom to thank a veteran, and their families, for the sacrifices they made to protect your freedoms.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Through my window

I took this shot yesterday to show how in some ways our location in Ventura County is special. But alas, about 5 minutes after this photo a new 'camper' moved in, now my view is more RV billboard than natural.

Our plan is to be at my Dad's by Thanksgiving. We were going to be on our way a few days ago, but our new grandson is taking his time, he was due 10/31. I also ordered an item that has to be replaced, and we are waiting for that package.

On the way to Dad's we are going to swing by Knott's Berry Farm. Every year they let veterans and a guest in for free from the beginning of November through Thanksgiving. Veterans can also purchase up to 6 guest passes for $17 each. We have done this almost every year for the last 14 years.

Thank you Knott's Berry Farm for this salute to those who have served. While we enjoy our day with you, it is this gesture that moves my heart.

Friday, November 04, 2011

N HOLLY asked:

Whats easy thether...I have a Sprint Evo 4G and would love to have a wifi connection for my laptop..

My answer: EasyTether is an app that works with most android (and other phone OS) phones that will allow the user to tether (connect) their android via a USB port to a computer. It is not a WiFi connection, but with your EVO you can turn on a built in WiFi that costs ~$30 a month, if you don't use a full month it will be prorated. See: Mobile Hotspot (This is hot! Your personal portable hotspot, connect just like you do with any Wi-Fi device. Optional $29.99/mo. Sprint Mobile Hotspot add-on is required for Hotspot functionality.)

Nate asked

How did you do it?
from what I read online, the windows easytether had to be heavily tweaked to get it to run on ubuntu...  would really love if you shared how you did this :-)
Laptop running ubuntu and a droid X with grandfathered unlimited data plan.

My answer: I had no problems using EasyTether with Ubuntu 11.04, I down loaded both deb files from http://www.mobile-stream.com/easytether/drivers.html, it does require version Ubuntu 10.4 or better.

The i386 deb is the one that would load on my laptop, just start EasyTether on the phone, connected the USB cord between my HTC EVO and PC, then opened terminal in Ubuntu and typed easytether connect pressed return, and it worked, for me anyway. BTW, PdaNet doesn't have a driver for Ubuntu.

LauraV in TX asked

 ... do you have problems when you are out in unpopulated areas?

My answer: So far I have not had too much of a problem with connectivity. Sometimes the frame of the motorhome causes interference, but by moving the phone around the motorhome a little bit has taken care of it.

We spent the summer at Lake Oroville, the campers with AT&The or Verizon had half the success of what I had with Sprint.

Back to Ubuntu

Well I've finally got my laptop computer up and running with Ubuntu (again), EasyTether, and my android phone.

BTW, with my unlimited data plan I have had internet access everywhere we've traveled while fulltiming in our motorhome, we started 01/03/11.

Until today I was running Windows 7 with PdaNet, but couldn't tether with Ubuntu. I got EasyTether pro from the Amazon appstore, and via RV park WiFi downloaded the EasyTether driver for Ubuntu. And few minutes later I was up and communicating with Ubuntu/EasyTether, now my Ubuntu is upgraded to 11.04.