Friday, September 08, 2006

Re: How do you like your solar oven?

Michelle asked, How do you like your solar oven David?

In a word: love it, OK that is 2 words. Mmmm let me try again, OUTSTANDING, thats better. Easy like a crock pot/slow cooker, cooks like a regular oven [... it is slower], makes you feel real smug knowing ol' sol is doing your bidding, well sort of, sometimes the clouds dance with sol. Yesterday and today I made some pulled London broil, wanted to double cook it nice and slow.
So the first day I cook it just with our rub/barbecue spices, tipped the oven so it would cook even slower. In the first cooking I just wanted to cook off the fat without drying out the cut of beef. On the second day it was cooked in barbecue sauce, catchup, and French dressing, put it on before lunch so it would be ready after our son's freshman football game.
It has probably happened to you, you plan one thing and something else ends up. Anyway we get home at 8:15 PM, after I get the wife to bed it is time to put the meat away. I go out and remove it from the oven, now the late afternoon became overcast and then foggy, and the bottom of the pan must have still been about 130°F. I was amazed.
I'm rambling ... did taste it while putting it away, umm umm good! Anyway Michelle you can learn more at the Solar Cooking forum:
You can even join by email:
Check it out, "Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven."

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