Wednesday, March 07, 2007

RV Consumer Group

It has been my experience only the owners of highly rated units think RV Consumer Group is objective (other than the most expensive units, of course). This comes through reading various forums, including many posts in You can find owners of lesser rated RVs defending the virtue their rigs every time the ratings come up.

It is my opinion that ownership/projected ownership of a RV is so subjective, that an objective rating is nearly useless and/or impossible.
After all, you can find people living full time in small cars, mid & full size vans, truck campers, TT, 5th wheels, MH, and new or converted over the road buses. And yet they each think they made the right decision at the time they made it. But many of them are just waiting for the chance to make a new and improved choice after the experience with their current rig.

I used to be a professional photographer, there was not a single rating of cameras in Consumer Reports that I can remember agreeing with. Yet I was more than willing to trust CR for a washer or air conditioner rating.

Just 1 guy's opinion

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