Tuesday, November 21, 2006

boosting your signal for internet by cell phone, cell phone, or WiFi

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Peter Johansson wrote:*

As others have mentioned, it's really a mixed bag depending on where you want to be. Here's a little tip that will help you regardless of what you wind up getting, and it works for voice too:

Find one of the small 18" satellite TV dishes. It's generally not too difficult, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find one through freecycle or craigslist. Remove the antenna element at the focal point of the dish and find some way to mount your phone there. I've got an old cellphone case glued on, but a rubber band should do just fine. Then comes the fun part: finding the tower. Pan the dish around the horizon until you get the strongest signal and find some way to keep it pointed there. Unlike aiming for a satellite, positioning is *far* less critical. I've got a little rig that I can ratchet to a tree, and have mounted it as high as 40 feet off the ground. I'd climb further, but that's about the limit of my bluetooth connectivity! If you have a bluetooth headset, you can use this for voice calls as well. -p.

I wrote:
> Peter,
> Great tip, may I share this on my blog and other forums?
> Thank you,

Sure! Be sure to mention that you can mount USB WiFi "dongles" at the focal point as well. This will extend the range out to about a mile, and maybe even more if you've got a flat open space. -p.

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