Friday, November 04, 2011

Nate asked

How did you do it?
from what I read online, the windows easytether had to be heavily tweaked to get it to run on ubuntu...  would really love if you shared how you did this :-)
Laptop running ubuntu and a droid X with grandfathered unlimited data plan.

My answer: I had no problems using EasyTether with Ubuntu 11.04, I down loaded both deb files from, it does require version Ubuntu 10.4 or better.

The i386 deb is the one that would load on my laptop, just start EasyTether on the phone, connected the USB cord between my HTC EVO and PC, then opened terminal in Ubuntu and typed easytether connect pressed return, and it worked, for me anyway. BTW, PdaNet doesn't have a driver for Ubuntu.

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