Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Through my window

I took this shot yesterday to show how in some ways our location in Ventura County is special. But alas, about 5 minutes after this photo a new 'camper' moved in, now my view is more RV billboard than natural.

Our plan is to be at my Dad's by Thanksgiving. We were going to be on our way a few days ago, but our new grandson is taking his time, he was due 10/31. I also ordered an item that has to be replaced, and we are waiting for that package.

On the way to Dad's we are going to swing by Knott's Berry Farm. Every year they let veterans and a guest in for free from the beginning of November through Thanksgiving. Veterans can also purchase up to 6 guest passes for $17 each. We have done this almost every year for the last 14 years.

Thank you Knott's Berry Farm for this salute to those who have served. While we enjoy our day with you, it is this gesture that moves my heart.

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