Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Out

2012-01-18 09:07
Last night at 2200 (10PM or midnight on our eastern seaboard) I turned off my internet access. I'm boycotting the internet in protest of the internet copyright measure before the U. S. Congress (SOPA & PITA).

My downtime runs from midnight January 17th Eastern Time through midnight January 18th Hawaii Time, it is symbolic, but I will not partake of the internet while it is the 18th of January in the United States of America.

Many websites will be dark in protest of the censorship they believe this bill will bring.

For myself, my little turning off the internet is my protest of continuing intrusion of the federal government in our daily lives. Small government is the better government.

These measures would allow websites to be shut down WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!

Small is better, local and small is best! The further that government is from home, the less control an individual can exercise over their own destiny. When your representatives (mayor, aldermen, counsel members, etc) are in "your neighborhood" the more responsive they are. After all, they never know when you may bump into them, and take them to task.

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