Saturday, May 20, 2006

first question

So now that you have experienced both types after the stroke, was the decision to change to a MoHo the right decision given your situation?

Yes, we think so. Ask us again after a year and again after 5 years. A 5th wheel has 2 or 3 steps between the living area and the bathroom and bedroom, we couldn't think of a practical way to deal with that obstacle.

We feel that for the people in the mid and lower income levels, that includes us, an under 16,000 pound GVWR 5th wheel and a “one ton” pick-up is the way to go. But after taking a trip in our MoHo and getting right at 10 mpg I think the cost of fuel is comparable. The difference is, we bought the MoHo and a towed both used for a total of about $80K. We figured a new 5er at $38K and our Dodge Ram 3500 diesel was $31.5K new for a total of $70K. Also on a diesel pusher, check out the cost of an oil change (about $200) and the cost of other maintenance. These things are BIG Truck based, and have costs to match.

More than any thing else you will find it is the floor plan makes it or breaks it for you in any RV. If you can find floor plans in both a MoHo and a trailer you like, then you decide based on how well a trailer or MoHo fits your lifestyle in other ways.

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