Sunday, May 21, 2006

second question

If she did not have the stroke effects, if you had it to do over, do you think you would have stayed with what you had before or do you think a DP is preferable to you regardless?

If Terri could have managed the steps after her stroke I don't think we would have re-visited the idea of DP. We spent a lot of time deciding on a 5er. It is very much a 6 of one – a half a dozen of another thing though. We made good cases for both a 5er and MoHo. New vs. Used, and the separate home and engine/drive train were the winner.

Again, to us the floor plan thing is a big, big player.

I think we will really enjoy the MoHo for what it is, already I liked stopping for the night, deploying the jacks and going to bed (after walking the dogs).  ;)

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